Seton Hall Prep has a full-time athletic trainer, Mario Gencarelli MS, LAT, ATC,  who supervises and provides care for each student-athlete participating in SHP Athletics. 

SchoolCare Information Video

Steps for Medical Clearance

The guidelines and information provided have been updated and follow the state guidelines to ensure the safety of all our athletes, coaching and staff. Please review below and complete for clearance.

Student-athletes and parents/guardians will need to complete SchoolCare before EVERY new season they compete in.
(ex: if you participate in a fall and winter sport the SchoolCare process will still need to be completed each time.)

  • SchoolCare completed online containing the following:
    1. Impact Baseline Concussion Test (every 2 years)
    2. Pre-Participation Physical completed by a physician with accompanying forms.
      • All physicals are good for one (1) calendar year.
      • All student-athletes, regardless of physical expiration date, need to fill out the first page of the Pre-Participation Physical Form prior to each season.
    3. Electronically signed waivers (explained below)

Details Regarding the above steps...

  1. SchoolCare: Online Medical Clearance portal
    • Enroll via this link
      • There will be NO paper copies accepted. It must all be completed electronically, no exceptions.
      • As a friendly reminder, Please DO NOT wait until the first day of tryouts for clearance as our trainer will be very occupied.
      • Please also be patient after submission as final clearance is a manual review following your online submission.
    • Sections in SchoolCare
      • Select Your Sport for the upcoming season
      • Complete the General Info, Family Contact, Emergency Contact, & Health History
      • Upload your Pre-Participation Physical form referenced below.
      • If your physical is still valid, you must STILL fill out this 1 page Health History document to school care (referenced below)
      • Upload your Impact Baseline Concussion Test referenced below.
      • Sign & Submit ALL WAIVERS (10)
        • Athletic Permissions
          (electronically sign then click submit)
          • NJSIAA Parent/Guardian Concussion Policy
          • NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy & Consent
          • Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet Consent
          • Interscholastic Athletic Permission Form
          • Student Accident Insurance Policy
          • Emergency Permission
          • Authorization for Athletic Training & Consent for Treatment
          • Use & Misuse of Opioid Drugs Fact Sheet
        • Waivers: Student Athlete & Parent Signature
          • Parent/Guardian of student athlete waiver
          • Student Athlete waiver
        • Final Waiver (Medical Authorization)
          • check box in section
          • relationship to enrollee sign
      • Submit for Review
        • When completed, you are not cleared until your submission is reviewed by our athletic trainer. An approval or rejection letter will come from me through SchoolCare.
          • If Rejected: see the note attached for missing info.
          • If Approved, you are all good to go!

  2. Pre-Participation Physical and Form OR Health History Questionnaire 
    • Physicals Good for 1 year
      • All physicals must be updated and are valid for 1 year from the date the exam was completed.
        • (Ex: exam by doctor completed September 1, 2022, cleared until September 1, 2023)
    • Upload to SchoolCare
  3. Impact Concussion Baseline Test 
    • Frequency
      • Must be taken every 2 years.
      • If you completed it within the time frame, be sure it is still uploaded into your SchoolCare profile.
    • Click for Link to Test
      • SHP Test Code: 0MAV12JRWB
    • Upload to SchoolCare 
      • Upon completion, certificate must be uploaded to SchoolCare (referenced above).

Once you have completed your SchoolCare registration with all documentation and waivers electronically signed, a notification will be provided to our athletic trainer and will be manually reviewed for proper clearance.

A follow up email should provide a rejected or accepted email. Please view further for rejections and approvals indicate you are cleared.