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Throughout its history, The Prep has acknowledged the place of athletics in our goal of developing a complete young man. Hear from Athletic Director, Larry Baggitt, explore our philosophy, and find helpful information for prospective Seton Hall Prep student-athletes.

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Welcome to the Seton Hall Prep Athletic Department website.

We hope that this site will serve anyone interested in our programs— our student-athletes, our parents and our fans. Our purpose is to educate visitors about our strong traditions, and to provide all the necessary forms and handbooks for our current student-athletes.

The purpose of the Seton Hall Prep Athletic Department is two-fold: to provide the tools to achieve athletic success, and to give our young men the skills necessary to succeed in life.

We hope that this website will serve this important dual need for our community. Our athletic program here at Seton Hall Preparatory School is committed to the total physical, emotional, social and mental development of its student-athletes. The program is founded upon the values and ideals articulated by the Seton Hall Preparatory School’s Athletic Mission Statement. We strive toward the development of well-rounded individuals.

A true athlete is the student-athlete. He is expected to contribute to his team with the same work ethic that he brings to his academics, his personal choices and his spiritual development. The true student-athlete constantly strives for self-improvement, contributes to the success of his team, and executes in practice and in competition those skills that his coaches have instilled in him. He should play hard, play fair and commit himself to becoming the best that he can be. He will reap the rewards for a lifetime.
Hazard Zet Forward

Larry Baggitt, Director of Athletics

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