Physical and Medical Clearances

Please be advised that physicals are valid for one (1) year. No student is allowed to try out or participate in any sport without having a valid physical on record. Please check with the Athletic Trainer if you are unsure of when your physical expires. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to make sure their physical is valid.

In order to play each season, the state requires that each student-athlete fills out an updated Health History. These forms will be filled out on SchoolCare. You will be receiving an email each season to fill out an updated Health History.

These Steps are Required for Your Child's Enrollment

  1. Please register your son on SchoolCare, as per the instructions.
  2. The physical portion of the medical paperwork will be faxed or uploaded to SchoolCare. Upon completion, the ATC will be notified. PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL FORM
  3. Once reviewed, you will be alerted if your child is cleared to participate in activities. You will also be notified if he is not cleared and be given a reason.
  4. You must take the ImPACT baseline test online. Please refer to ImPACT Testing Instructions on how to take and complete the test. I do not get automatically notified of the test being completed. I will need the completion receipt as proof that the test was taken.
  5. Please PRINT & FILL OUT during the Clearance Process to ensure all steps are complete for your son's participation.
Submission of health information by August 1st, is vital so that preparations can be made in time for the first day of school. Feel free to contact Mr. Gencarelli with any questions you may have at 973-325-6650 or email me at

Additionally, LiveChat customer support from SchoolCare is available to you directly on the site and via email.

Physicals- Mr. Gencarelli in conjunction with the school nurse, reviews all medical paperwork, ensuring proper documentation and compiling a list of eligible student athletes each season. No student may try out or participate in a sport before submitting the proper medical forms prior to the beginning of school and each athletic season. Parents and students, please check back often. If your son is NOT listed, then something is missing.

List of Cleared Athletes

Remember: You must take the ImPACT baseline test online. Many student athletes have everything in, BUT this test. Please refer to the ImPACT Testing Instructions to complete the test.

Dear Parent or Legal Guardian

All medical paperwork that your son will need is located on SchoolCare. Please register and create a profile for your son on SchoolCare in order to download the forms. Each form is bar coded to ensure that all paperwork can be traced and properly located in your son’s profile. To register, please see below:

SchoolCare Registration

For assistance on how to register, please watch the SchoolCare Assistance Video.